Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Irony of What Lies Within

Ambivalently doing what I want
Take my heart and see the blinds
If only I could step outside my mind
And see myself from behind

Reform from what I turned into
By mistake or by a willingness to
If I could just find the controls
To take back what is lost and forgot

If the intentions on this letter
Dont seem for the better
Then wrongly you have judged
Cause unrelentingly I wont budge

To forever comes
To forever goes
It doesnt matter what comes what goes
Keep lying to yourself

A weapon in the form of thoughts
A shield in the form of traits
A blinding shield
A hurtful weapon
A battle turned to self-destruction

And if the intentions of this note
To transcend not to defend
Then futile things I have wrote
Not to defend but to ascend

I cant keep to myself anymore
Im holding on, slowly falling to before
Dear God take me home
Dear God lead me home

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