Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Agnosticism?

Agnosticism is not a religious proclamation in itself. I like to think of it as the buffer state between theism and atheism. So why symbolize it as a buffer state? Because like a buffer state agnosticism is the middle ground between two great powers. Two great powers, theism and atheism. Imagine how much these ideas or beliefs actually control your head. Think about it. You go to fucking church every fucking Sunday because you believe in God. Or you reject church and do whatever you want because, fuck it, deities dont exist.

Now I dont really like broadcasting my thoughts on a web page, but right now I feel like it.

So this is what Im thinking, its nothing new... Religion is fucking mind control. Yeah, so people got smarter, some smarter than the rest giving them the luxury of thinking of new ways to control people for their own good aside from brute force. Voila! In came psychology infused with beliefs and doctrines equals religion. Dont do this, dont do that. Fuck you! Thats what I say. I mean not all religions are bad. I admire a lot of religious denominations for that matter. Imagine if they werent here? Hell would break loose. However, some fucking shit ass religions do a lot of crazy things like burn their babies or eat them, cut themselves in sacrifice, give their virginities to the religious heads as a form of religious sacrifice, some even kill others or themselves in the name of religion.

Now im anticipating that some people that would read this would either say that: 1. Those are just cults. or 2. Those things dont exist anymore. Answer please...
They arent fucking cults, yeah well some cults do this, but some religions those that actually believe in a higher being actually do this especially in primitive times. Fuck, the whole of some nations were actually doing these things back then. And yes, these things still do exist. Its better nowadays since they come in smaller numbers.

This was probably because some people, smart people started thinking generations later on that some things just dont make sense with religions. This was probably due to the increase in religous criticism, the contradicting views of certain denomoinations and well a higher level of education bringing about a higher form of thinking. And so probably some people thought, especially those that have lost all faith in God or Gods, that deities dont exist.

So in comes atheism, which basically rejects theism or the existence of god or gods. Well, I would have to aplaud this somehow, in the way I applaud some religions, very smart move. Now that you dont have to worry about god you can actually do a lot more. Yeah, its the phenomenon called "switching time" im talking about here. Switching time says that it would take 25% more time to finish a task if you multitasked and did one thing then another, then that thing then the other. But it still gets me thinking, atheism is just plain dismissive. I mean it rejects any fucking possibility. It could even just be an answer for some people so they dont look for the real answers. Its a form of instant self gratification, arising from the need to be freed from the bondages that were formed by theism. Just like theism, atheism keeps people sane because now they can explain all the wrong that happening. Oh, theres poverty, war, famine, and a whole lot of shits going on and they can just say well that because there is no god. See now? Its just a release so they dont have to think about shit anymore. Anyway, enough of that. One thing that doesnt make sense about atheism is well, the very center of their beliefs, that there is no higher being.

I mean how does the universe come about? How did plant and animal life come about? How did we human beings come about? Why do we feel this unexplained need to look for a higher being? Well, see? You cant just tell me there was a big bang and out pops the universe. I mean what cause the big bang?

Now my questions tend to defend the primitive power, theism. But these questions can neither prove the existence of god or gods now can they? That is why, ladies and gentlemen, some people who think in the same pathline, same warpath as these words I have written tend to have the mentality of the buffer state, Agnosticism. We just cant prove anything, its not like god is talking to us out of the heavens anymore and it isnt like there is no existing sign of Him or Her, whatever.

So with this in mind, I would like to say philosophy, theism, atheism, agnosticism, existentialism, and all those others you can think of is just a MIND FUCK. Yeah, people go crazy for these things. Im not saying you shouldnt think about them cause it would be good to do that once in a while. But honestly its just fucked up.


Disclaimer: I have no intentions of altering or breaking your religious views. I could be very wrong or very right.

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